What to expect when you come in for your appointment and what to expect after for maintenance. 



We will talk over paperwork and desired outcome for your brows, it is recommended to bring pictures of how you like your brows done or a picture of desired brows with you. I will then numb you for approximately 15 minutes, during this time I will go over post care information. A few customized pigments will be applied to your skin to determine the desired tone and darkness. After the pigment is chosen I will proceed to do a professional brow mapping followed by free-handing a stencil of the eyebrow shape. Once we have agreed on shape, thickness, length and arch we will then start Microblading, Powder Fill, or Combination procedure. 


Please return approximately at eight weeks of the initial Microblading treatment for the Touch-up session. Microblading is a two-step process and the Touch-up session is necessary to set the shape and color. The same process as with the original treatment will be followed, although since we will follow the brow shape and color from initial treatment, the appointment will be slightly shorter.


Color Boosts can be done every six months to a year to refresh brows, darken color, or fill in gaps. Minor changes in shape can also be made to the original results. Please note that Color Boosts are only available for clients who have done their initial treatment with Indy Microblading.



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